Wetland Restoration

Restoring Freshwater Ecosystems
Advancing Sustainable Water Resources

Stony Point Hydrology LLC
Mukwonago WI 53149

The projects our staff works on
tend to be those that require:

Stony Point Hydrology LLC (SPH) is a small water resources engineering firm located in southeastern Wisconsin. SPH develops engineering studies, design and permitting submittals for projects undertaken by private, public and not-for-profit entities and in support of other engineering firms.

Our work supports the modeling, assessment, management and restoration of rivers, lakes, wetlands and their watersheds, both in the Midwest and elsewhere.

Waterford Testing
Storm Water
RIVERS – floodplain management, fish passage
and restoration analysis, design and permitting
WETLANDS – hydrologic monitoring, modeling and restoration
DAMS – inspection, dam break modeling,
safety assessment and permitting
FLOOD RISK REDUCTION – watercourse modeling,
facility design, emergency action planning and permitting
LAKES – water quality sampling and analysis,
grant applications and restoration design
STORM WATER – monitoring, design and permitting
GROUNDWATER – sampling and modeling
RISK ASSESSMENT – flooding, dam and levee safety, invasive species and climate change
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