Stony Point Hydrology project work consists of planning, analysis, design and permitting.
Wetland Restoration

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Our Project Work consists of Planning, Analysis, Design and Permitting, often in various combinations for a Specific Project.

Planning consists of identifying the conditions that may affect a potential project and then developing project concepts for addressing stakeholder concerns within that planning area. Planning studies are often developed for:

Planning Studies


  • Flood risk management and storm water control,
  • Lake management,
  • Addressing challenges from invasive species or climate change,
  • Responses to emergency conditions, such as emergency action plans,
  • Ecosystem restoration programs, and
  • Infrastructure initiatives, such as capital improvement programs


Environmental Design

Design is the process of advancing concepts to a point where they can be constructed and function in the real world. In our projects these might include:

  • River management structures,
  • Actions to avoid floodplain or wetland encroachment,
  • Stream channels and fish passageways,
  • Restored wetlands, and
  • Storm water management facilities

Analysis occurs when data is used to obtain a better understanding of how a system functions. Among the types of analysis we conduct are:

  • Numerical modeling of river flows, water levels and dam break conditions,
  • Statistical analysis of risk or hydrologic conditions,
  • Monitoring of hydrologic conditions in streams, lakes or wetlands, and
  • Water quality sampling and evaluation for lakes, rivers, storm water and groundwater


Project Analysis


Project Permitting

Permitting is one of the final stages before implementing a construction or management project, but it can also be one of the more complicated and challenging. Our permit support services include:

  • State and Federal watercourse permit submittals,
  • Local and Federal floodplain submittals,
  • Dam and levee safety evaluation